Thank you for your interest in my photography.

My photographs attempt to define a moment in time and place.

A photograph captures that meeting of time, place and emotion – allowing me to share what I saw and felt. Each photograph is my interpretation of the feelings evoked by the scene I saw.

I have photographed for many years although my formal education is in architecture. Advances in technology in the last decade have allowed me to return to photography in a more intensive way and to create images that I can share more widely. My work is primarily digital although some images originated on film.

The great thing about a photograph is finding an image that creates a personal connection. Because that connection is different for each of us, the range of connections becomes infinite. My connection and feeling about the subject matter becomes subservient to yours. It becomes a non-verbal conversation about the subject.


About the photographs

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Gallery contact:

The Bonfoey Gallery

1710 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115


About the prints

The images originate either as digital capture, or in the case of some older photographs, film that has been scanned to create a digital file.

After the capture, I work in Lightroom and Photoshop to organize, edit and “develop” the photographs.

Prints are made on an Epson inkjet photo printer using archival quality pigmented ink and photo paper. For longest image life, the prints should be framed under glass or acrylic and kept out of direct sunlight. Under those conditions, image life expectancy of 100 years would not be unusual.